NOVALFA GROUP  is the biggest European trader of synthetic fibers and yarns, mainly polyester.

We stock around 37 milion kilos and we supply about 90.000 tons per years in more than 300 items.


The Group

Novalfa Group was born on June 2014 by the merger of four major traders of textile raw materials, Bieltex S.l., Novalfa S.r.l., Rohtex G.m.b.H. and Simp S.p.A..

This partnership has created the first Pan-European trader of textile raw materials with offices in Germany, Italy and Spain and warehouses in Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Objective of this agreement is to become the best partner for all the members of the textile world.

For the Asian producers Novalfa Group means the possibility to have a unique partner for every European market able to reach even the smallest customers and able to guarantee regular supplies.

For the European customers Novalfa Group means the single partner able to look for the best product and the best price around the world, delivering just in time and granting the best payment solution.

The philosophy which unifies the four traders is: quality, continuity and long term cooperation supported by a dynamic team of expert people.



ISO 9001



Novalfa Group srl

P.IVA: 02653820023

Telephone: +39 015 2558056

Fax: +39 015 5821954


Strada Trossi 43, 13871

Verrone (Biella), Italia